Vilhjalmur Stefansson

“Cancer: disease of civilization?”

(EPUB, 615 Kb)

Table of contents:

1. The Problem Develops
2. Captain Leavitt's Search For Cancer Among The Eskimos
3. Remote Origins Of The Frontier Search For Cancer
4. The Tanchou Principle At Home: In France And In Africa
5. The Moravians Search For Cancer In Southwestern Alaska
6. The Moravian Search In Northern Labrador
7. A Possible Early Cancer At Anderson River
8. The Search For Cancer Among The Forest Indians Of Alaska
9. The First Native Cancer Is Recognized In Northern Alaska
10. Cancer Is Discovered Among Labrador Eskimos
11. Cancer Is Reported From The Canadian Eastern Arctic
12. The Tropical Life Of The Polar Eskimos
13. Tropical Winter Life At Point Barrow — 1852-83
14. The Longevity Of “Primitive” Eskimos
15. The Twentieth Century Forgets The Nineteenth
16. The Twentieth Century Rediscovers Nineteenth
17. A “Cancer Free” People Of Asia
18. An Ounce Of Prevention